You can enjoy very good Japanese tea by cup styled without using a tea pot. Wan-cha
Cup styled Japanese green tea seemed impossible for a long time(Now it's possible!!). You can enjoy great Japanese green tea just at the same level of taste as that made with a tea pot so casually by putting a tea bag into a cup and pouring hot water in it.

-Shizuoka Kawane Supervised by Yamasekien-
FAMILY CLASS Daily tea series.
BLEND No.FC10061
Enjoy Japanese green tea casually as an ordinary everyday tea.
We'll provide good taste daily tea every season from each producing district in Japan by reasonable price. As the district will be changed every produce lot, enjoy different taste you do not tired of each time.
Asahina Gyokuro
-Shizuoka Supervised by Yabuzakien-
HIGH CLASS Supervised tea series.
BLEND No.HA10061
Refined taste of Gyokuro grown up in rich morning mist of such a great brand area of Japanese tea.
Green tea made up from 100% Gyokuro produced in Asahina, a city of tea, Shizuoka pref. supervised by Yabuzakien who knows everything of the local tea. Enjoy the flavor of Gyokuro.

-Kyoto Supervised by Marusou-
HIGH CLASS Supervised tea series.
BLEND No.HA10161
Essence of an ancient city guaranteed in the long history.
Goods handled to be extracted the real Uji tea supervised by special Uji tea shop Maruso. Enjoy the power of Uji brand tea.

-Saitama Supervised by Bizenya-
HIGH CLASS Supervised tea series.
BLEND No.HA10261
Deep flavor by Sayama traditional fire burning with Bincho charcoal.
Since time of Edo period, it is sung that "Of all brands of tea, Sayama tea is the best". Enjoy the premium flavor concentrated 100% Sayama tea handled by Bizenya.
-Shiga Supervised by Katagikoukaen-
HIGH CLASS Supervised tea series.
BLEND No.HA80071

-Fukuoka Supervised by Konomihonke-
HIGH CLASS Supervised tea series.
BLEND No.HA10371
-Ishikawa Supervised by Chouboyachaho-
HIGH CLASS Supervised tea series.
BLEND No.HA10571


MIDDLE CLASSIn-season tea leaves series.
BLEND No.ME10061

“Real taste”
Wan-cha is blended in special way by richly experienced tea masters and maximized the characteristics of each local tea leaves in order to make the best sense of each tea leaf clear for people. This is quite a difficult job even for experienced tea masters. Only limited experience along with a long history can handle it. This is a kind of feat to remain the quality of Japanese green tea and show each local characteristic of it.

With a long history and a great deal of experience.
Introduction long established tea shops of tea supervision.
Yabuzakien, specializing in Gyokuro tea.
Established as a tea farmer, We've started cultivating tea leaves since mid-Meiji era. We have studied the cultivation of high quality tea Gyokuro thereafter, then proceeded with its processing method. Eventually we've got to the producing of flavorful tea Shizuoka Asahina Gyokuro. Just enjoy Gyokuro Sencha produced by Yabuzakien who knows everything of Gyokuro in their local area Asahina.
Marusou, specializing in Uji tea.
Uji, well-known as one of famous tea growing districts in Japan. We, Maruso has boasted a long history in this place Uji, since we established in the first year of Tenmei period (1781), through 8 generations during about 200 years. We'll meet expectations of customers to make our affection and pride to Uji tea stronger which succeeded our history.
Bizenya, specializing in Sayama tea.
Since established in first year of Meiji period, Bizen-ya has handled specialize in treatment Sayama tea, the local specialty product. We've handled the hand picking tea by Nogi-en which is so valuable now, in cultivation and production. We will make further efforts in providing stable supply and improvement in quality of Sayama-tea.
Wan-cha 4 Classes.